Highlights of UST Quadricentennial Anniversary

My Fellow Thomasians,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Michael Angelo “Mike” E. Malicsi, Director of the University of Santo Tomas Office for Alumni Relations. I have the privilege of informing you of the forthcoming Activities and Highlights of the Quadricentennial Anniversary of our alma mater in 2011. While the Quadricentennial Activities and Highlights are spread throughout 2011 and 2012, there are three (3) primary activities that you should not miss:

27 January 2011 (Thursday); Football Field and Parade Ground, UST Campus


1. Simultaneous activities of the alumni at the lobby of the different buildings organized by the faculties and colleges. These activities are photo opportunities, tour of the building, and signing of the alumni welcome board
2. Registration for the 40,000 Voices for 2012 Program (whole day)
3. Unveiling of the Tetraglobal Monument and countdown to midnight
4. Presentation of the 400 titles with the UST Coffee Table Book as the 400th title
5. Grand Program at 8:00 pm
6. Fireworks at 12:00 mn

Ticket rates for this event are Php 1000, 500 and 200.

28 January 2011 (Friday); Plaza Mayor, UST Campus


1. Registration for the 40,000 Voices for 2012 Program (whole day)
2. Grand Procession in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary at 5:00 pm
3. Concelebrated Thanksgiving Mass at 6:00 pm
4. Grand Dinner for the Thomasian community and alumni

Ticket rate for this event is Php 1500.

29 January 2011 (Saturday); UST Campus


1. Formation of “400 Years UST” at the Football Field and Parade Ground
2. Fair and other student activities
3. Registration for the 40,000 Voices for 2012 Program (whole day)
4. Noon-time show

Admission is free. The Grand Thomasian Family Day shall also be open to the alumni who wish to put up stalls or kiosks for food or merchandise. Please contact the Office for Alumni Relations for terms and concessions.

Registration fee for the 40,000 Voices for 2012 is at Php 500 inclusive of the official T-shirt, CD containing the songs to be sung, and libretto. This activity aims to be enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Other details such as seat plan and programme will be furnished to you very soon. An online reservation and payment shall be put up as well in due time. For now, you may initially let me know of your attendance and how many of you are coming. I also ask you to spread this information.

Indeed, these are exciting times. We are blessed because our alma mater, the oldest in Asia, is celebrating her 400th anniversary during our lifetime. We should take the opportunity to be part of this, part of history, part of the Lord’s unending grace.

Go USTe!

With my best wishes,

Director, Office for Alumni Relations (OAR)
Faculty Member of English and Literature

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