What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is, as its name implies, the chemistry of life – the study of life in all its manifestations. Plants and animals are the beings of Creation that possess life. Included also is that vast group we have come to call in common language: micro-organisms. The changes, the growth, the diseases and the causes of death – in the world : all the processes that occur in living things form part of this beautiful study.

These processes go on in nature continuously, whether we are aware of them or not. How many questions can be asked just by considering what we see around us day after day. For example: How do the plants, or some plants, manufacture their products whether in the seeds or fruits or in the leaves, etc.? How is soybean oil, a very important product today, produced from the seed of the plant? Why are mosquitoes killed by insecticides? Why is it that our blood clots when cuts are made in our body? Why are some substances called vitamins necessary in our diets? Why does our food often spoil? What is the real cause of the dreaded disease called cancer? How can we take advantage of the refuse and leftovers from bamboo, corn straws and sawdust in the lumber mills?

All these questions and thousands more can be asked. The Biochemist will have the opportunity of discovering the answers to those questions and will experience a great adventure in answering them. Whatever is related to our health, personal or general, is of primary importance in this study.

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