The Faculty of Pharmacy which was founded in 1871 is located in the 2nd floor of the Main Building and confers degrees in Pharmacy, Medical Technology and Biochemistry. The University of Santo Tomas holds the distinction of being the first to introduce the course BIOCHEMISTRY in the country.

To improve the future of Filipino students, Fr. Lorenzo Rodriguez, O.P. commissioned Mr. Jose P.B. Gallardo in 1960 (who was at the time taking graduate studies in Hospital Pharmacy at the State University of Iowa) to survey the universities offering biochemistry and collect as much information on the subjects being offered. In November 1961, Fr.Rodriguez appointed himself as the Chairman of a committee to prepare a proposed curriculum leading to the degree of B.S. in Biochemistry. Dr. Antonio J. Gabriel, Dr. Jose Lugay, Jr. and Mr. Jose P.B. Gallardo as members. The final draft of the proposed curriculum was submitted to the Bureau of Private Schools in April 17, 1962.

Under the deanship of Fr. Lorenzo Rodriguez, O. P., this five-year course was offered in the Faculty Pharmacy in 1962. There were 42 students who received the B.S. Biochemistry degree in 1967. Many of them migrated to the US and have achieved extraordinary success in their chosen profession.

With the hope of cultivating relations and promoting cooperation among Biochemistry students, the Biochemical Society was founded in November 1966 . The Society under the guidance of the Department aims to advance the field of Biochemistry through seminars, lectures, symposiums and conferences, all the while offering a venue for students to interact with graduates which in turn open opportunities for them.

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