Career Oppurtunities in Biochemistry

Most graduates of BS Biochemistry continue their education by pursuing master’s or doctoral degree in the same field or other related fields like medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, molecular biology, etc. Others pursue work in the following fields:

A. Research – Developing ways to apply the knowledge they learned in areas such as medicine, agriculture, nutrition, environmental science, etc. Employment opportunities exist in research labs in hospitals, biotechnology companies, private industry, nonprofit research institutes, forensic labs and government agencies.

  1. In public/private hospitals and health research institutes, biochemists carry out diagnostic tests and investigations to find out the causes of diseases, i.e. diabetes, AIDS and cancer. They also find out ways on how to treat and prevent these diseases.
  2. In biotechnology industry, biochemists use genetic engineering and the tools of modern molecular biology to help solve problems in health and food production.
  3. In private industry like pharmaceutical companies, biochemists are hired to research and develop drugs to combat diseases, perform quality control and clinical research.
  4. In non-profit agricultural research institutes like IRRI and Phil-Rice, where biochemists develop and innovate new techniques for crop cultivation, pest control and crop storage management which would help in the quality and quantity of agricultural produce.
  5. In forensic laboratories, which require science-oriented individuals like a biochemists to use powerful tools such as DNA fingerprinting to identify criminals based on evidences left at the scene of the crime.
  6. In government agencies such as Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), biochemists perform analyses of food, drugs, air, water, wastes and others.

B. Academe – Biochemists are in demand for teaching in universities, colleges and medical or veterinary schools in the Philippines and in abroad. Many Biochemistry professors continue to do research work while teaching at the same time.

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